Shelby County Bail Bonds

When you or a loved one ends up in jail, you may not be sure where to turn first. To preserve your home, your job, and your family, though, your first goal typically should be to secure your release from jail. A Shelby County bail bonds agency may be able to help you do so on an immediate basis, even if you cannot financially afford bail on your own. Reach out to a bail bonds agency today.

What Happens Immediately After Arrest

When individuals are arrested for a criminal offense, law enforcement officers first transport them to the jail for that jurisdiction. A magistrate or judge then sets a bail amount for the individuals. If the individuals can pay the bail amount, they typically are released from jail and remain free citizens until their court dates, at which point they are expected to return for their trial. There are different ways to post bond when individuals are incarcerated. In some cases, the judge may agree to release individuals on their own recognizance, which means that they are released from jail without paying bail at all.

If individuals do not have the full bond amount available to them in cash, they may alternatively be able to put up property that has a value equal to or higher than the amount of their bond. The sheriff of the county in which the property is located must approve the property to be used for this purpose.

Posting Bail Bonds in Shelby County

If incarcerated individuals do not have sufficient funds or property to put up for bail, then they may be able to post bail through a Shelby County bail bond. In this situation, a professional bail bond agency that is licensed and approved to do business in Shelby County could make a financial guarantee on an individual’s behalf that secures their future appearances in court.

In most cases, individuals—or friends or family members working on their behalf—must pay a total of 10 to 15 percent of their bond amounts to the bail bond agency. In return, the agency would guarantee the remaining amount of the bond to the court. The initial payment on a bail bond is a non-refundable fee that individuals or their families must pay directly to the bail bond agency.
Completing the paperwork for a bail bond in Shelby County can take as little as 15 minutes, depending on the complexity of the matter. Posting the bail bond with the court and getting the incarcerated party in question released from jail may take one hour or less if they are located at local police stations, or several hours if they are at a county jail.

When Individuals Fail to Appear for Court

If individuals whose release from jail was secured by a bail bond fail to appear at a scheduled court date, the court will issue a warrant for their arrest. The bail bond agency will also receive notice of the failure to appear and attempt to locate and arrest the individual for a violation of their bond.

At the same time, the family member or friend who signed for the bond would be responsible for breach of contract. That is, if the incarcerated individuals skipped bail and cannot be located, the co-signers thus have breached the bail bond contract and are liable to the agency for the full amount of bail.

Contact a Bail Bonds Agency in Shelby County Today

Getting released from jail can be the first step to building a proper defense to the charges against you. This may also allow you to keep working to support yourself and your family while your criminal charges are pending.

The sooner that you can get in touch with a bail bonds agency, the more quickly you could learn about your opportunities for posting Shelby County bail bonds. Do not waste time sitting in jail—or let a friend or family member suffer the same—when you could be developing a defensive strategy. Call today to see what your options may be.