Jefferson County Bail Bonds

When loved ones are arrested, one of your first thoughts may be how to get them out of jail. Most of the time, arrested individuals are required to post a bond or bail in an amount set by the court in order to be released from jail before their court date.

However, in Jefferson County, bail bonds are not always as easy to post as you might think, particularly if the court has set bail at a high amount. Family members or friends of someone who is incarcerated may be able to contact a bail bond agency to pay bail in the short term and enter a contractual relationship to secure that individual’s appearance at future court hearings after their release.

Defining Bail Bonds in Jefferson County

People typically contact a bail bond agency for help in posting Jefferson County bail bonds when they cannot afford to pay the full amount of the bail the court has set as a condition for a friend or family member’s release. Depending on what the court orders, a bail bond agency may require that individuals pay anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the bail amount in order to obtain a bail bond.
Some agencies will finance a portion of the bail payment for individuals and may ask them to put up collateral, or property, that they will forfeit if they do not pay the required bail fees. Regardless, whatever premiums individuals pay to a bail bond agency are non-refundable and will not be returned to those who paid it.

In exchange for this fee, the bail bond agency then guarantees the full amount of an incarcerated party’s bail to the court, thereby securing that individual’s temporary release from jail. This is a common method by which Jefferson County residents post bail when they cannot afford to do so by themselves.

When Individuals Fail to Appear in Court

If individuals who are released from jail on a bail bond later fail to appear for a scheduled court date, the court will issue a warrant for their arrest. Additionally, the bail bond agency would forfeit the entire amount of the bond and also pursue the individuals for arrest. Any co-signers for the bail bond would be contractually liable to the agency for the full amount of the bond.

Once the individual who failed to appear is taken into custody, their contract with the bail bond agency terminates. This is also the case if the individuals are sentenced to any term of incarceration, the charges against them are dismissed, or there is any other final disposition of the case. Regardless of the outcome or who paid it, the bail bond fee remains the property of the bail bond agency.

There are some occasions in which the court may agree to reinstate the bond if individuals who previously failed to appear as ordered offer a legitimate explanation for their absence. Some acceptable excuses may include the death of a family member or illness that required hospitalization. However, there is no guarantee that a court will accept even what may be a legitimate excuse for missing a court date.

Speak with a Bail Bonds Agency in Jefferson County Today

Dealing with an arrest is never easy, and if the court sets a high bail, you may be unable to post sufficient cash or property to secure your release from jail or that of a friend or family member. When this situation occurs, turning to a bail bond agency in Jefferson County may allow you to get yourself or your loved ones released from jail and on their way to fighting the charges against them.
Jefferson County bail bonds agencies can be an affordable way to keep your normal life in place while dealing with criminal charges. To see what may be possible in your case, call today.