Bessemer Bail Bonds

The purpose of bail is to guarantee that individuals return to court as ordered following their release from jail. If individuals fail to appear in court, then the bail is forfeited, which means that they lose it altogether. However, in many circumstances, arrested individuals cannot afford bail, which means they are forced to stay imprisoned until their court date. Fortunately, there are multiple options for posting bail following an arrest.

Being arrested can be a traumatic experience and trying to figure out the mechanics of being released from jail can be difficult for anyone inexperienced with the process. A Bessemer bail bondsman could help prepare you and family members for what steps to take if you are ever arrested. Call a bail bonds agency today and learn more about how we could help you with posting Bessemer bail bonds.

Cash and Property Bonds

Judges determine the amount of money required for bail in a case based on a variety of factors. Although there is a state-wide bail schedule, judges have discretion when deciding on the exact value of bail. In other words, judges do not have to follow the bail schedule if they do not believe that the schedule provides for reasonable value in a particular situation.

In some cases, family members and friends of individuals may be able to post a cash bond in its entirety on an arrested person’s behalf. If someone cannot pay a cash bond, two or more individuals may work together to pledge or put up property they own with an unencumbered value equal to or greater than the bond amount. Either type of collateral may be forfeited if the arrested party fails to appear in court after being released from jail.

The Process for Getting a Bail Bond in Bessemer

If friends or family members have neither the cash nor the property to put up for bail, the only way to be released from jail before trial may be to contract with a bail bond agency in order to post a bail bond. The bail bonds process in Bessemer generally proceeds as follows:

  1. An arrestee—or a friend or family member—contacts a bail bond agency with information about the arrest in question, including the arrestee’s name, location, amount of bail owed, etc.
  2. A bail bond agency prepares a bail bond contract for friends or family to co-sign on the arrestee’s behalf, creating a financial guarantee to the court that the arrestee will appear at all future court hearings
  3. The signing parties pay a premium—typically 10 to 15 percent of the face value of the bond—in exchange for the posting of the bail bond
  4. A bail bond agency posts the bail bond with the jail and the individual is released from custody

Anyone who chooses to co-sign a bail bond in Bessemer should keep in mind that regardless of the outcome of the case, the bond premium or fee is non-refundable. This is the case even if the charges are later dismissed or the individual is found not guilty following a trial.

Forfeiture of Bessemer Bail Bonds

Individuals who post bail, whether it is through cash, property, or bail bond, all run the risk of forfeiting that bond if they fail to appear at a later court date. While the court may excuse a failure to appear and reinstate bail payment in very rare circumstances, the likelihood of this occurring is very low absent some sort of emergency situation.

This can be particularly risky if the bail amount is very high and individuals co-signed a bail bond. If a court orders that the bond is forfeited for a failure to appear in court, then all signing parties may be financially responsible for the face value of the bond, which can easily be several thousands of dollars.

Get Help Seeking Bail Bonds in Bessemer

Bessemer bail bonds may be a viable option to pursue when you or a loved one has been arrested. Achieving release from jail and a return back to normalcy before trial may be paramount in this situation, regardless of what the future holds in terms of criminal charges.

Being incarcerated for any length of time can be extremely damaging to many aspects of your life. By enlisting a Bessemer bails bondsman to get out of jail as quickly as possible, you may be able to avoid some of these negative repercussions that may arise from an arrest. Call today to get started exploring your options.